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So You Think You're Covered?

Total Roof Protection is a roof warranty program that provides coverage against future damages caused by rain, wind, sleet and hail. The reality is that home warranties do not provide coverage for the roof, and the ones that do, do not cover against damage caused by outside forces.

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While homeowner's insurance will provide coverage for this type of damage, coverage only kicks in if damage exceeds the deductible amount. So, if your deductible is $4,000 and the cost to repair the damage is $3,500, then you will be out-of-pocket for the required repairs.

Here is where Total Roof Protection comes in. When your home is protected under our warranty, we repair the damages caused by the storm! Total Roof Protection fills the gap where you are not covered by insurance or your existing home warranty and avoid ending up with unexpected out-of-pocket repairs.

This is the Total Roof Protection difference.

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Protection Plan

Total Roof Protection delivers customers with peace of mind against the unforeseen. With our home roof warranty, you will never have to worry about who to call for service or how much it will cost!


Quality Service

When the unexpected happens we take the guess work out of finding an honest repair company. We only send qualified, insured professionals that meet our standards and take care of the rest, including the bill.


Affordable Prices

We have several options available to you. All you have to do is choose the plan thats best for you. Once you do, we can start protecting your home today. We have plans tailored to fit your roof protection needs!

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Get Qualified

Contact us by phone or email, answer a few simple questions and we will be able to see if you qualify.


Select Your Coverage

Pick out the coverage and payment plan that best fits your needs and your budget.


Start Protection

Relax, with Total Roof Protection your coverage starts right after your payment is recieved.

We Fight for You

We take care of you by working closely with your insurance company to assure you get the coverage you deserve. We help you with the claim process from start to finish!

Year Around Protection

Total Roof Protection will inspect your roof for free every year and perform any needed maintenance to assure that your roof is at peak performance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Family & Friends

When you refer anyone to us, we'll provide them with a free inspection and discount on the repair, even if they're not currently covered under our warranty program.

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