Terms & Conditions

Protecting the roof structure protects what’s most valuable to you… “YOUR HOME, YOUR FAMILY & YOUR INVESTMENT”



Total Roof Protection (“Company”) uses service companies under their direction, to perform roofing and repairs. The Company, during the term of this Warranty and subject to the conditions hereof, warrants repairing, at Company’s discretion, located at the Premises (covered property) to normal operational condition. This Warranty covers only the roof or roofs which are located on the premises and in normal operating condition on the first date of the term of this Warranty.

Term.  The term of this Warranty for roof coverage shall be one year or selected program length, which will commence upon (1) payment being received and accepted by Company and (2) inspection by Company or its assigns issuing this Warranty. Company shall be required to inspect the Premises before issuing this Warranty. Both conditions shall be met prior to coverage commencing. Should the Premise fail the initial inspection performed by Company, a refund shall be issued with the exception of a five percent (5%) transaction fee. If payment was provided in full for a term duration of (1) year or longer, the remaining unused month’s payment shall be refunded, minus a five percent (5%) transaction fee. Coverage term shall conclude at the end of selected coverage term length, which may be either one year, two year or three year in duration after the date of issuance of the Warranty. Coverage terms for the lifetime plan shall not conclude at the end of a predetermined coverage term length.  Rather, coverage shall end on a lifetime plan after providing a thirty (30) day notice in writing and providing payment for the last month of coverage. Failure to do so shall terminates coverage immediately. The Warranty will automatically renew at the end of the selected duration period. Notice will be sent prior to renewal.

Service/ Fees.  Company guarantees fast, priority service on all routine service request and a minimum response time of 48 hours on emergency service and 72 hours on non-emergency service. Response times to service requests during an emergency, including but not limited to natural disasters or periods of severe weather, may result in longer response times. In such an event, Company shall make a good faith and reasonable effort to ensure timeliness in its response to this and all service requests.   

After Company receives full payment for any of its warranty, the covered property may submit a service request. Upon doing so, a Service Fee(s) of $60 dollars shall be charged per visit for each occurrence, for items serviced, repaired under the home roof warranty. The Service Fee is due and payable at completion of the service repair visit. Total Roof Protection will provide no additional service if a prior Service Fee is delinquent and may affect the cancellation of coverage under the roof warranty. Repairs performed under this Warranty will be warranted for the remaining time frame of the warranty. Service fees are in addition to Warranty fees. Total Roof Protection will repair leaks that occur on the roof of the structure covered by the Home Roof Warranty contract provided the leaks are a result of rain, wind, sleet, hail and or normal wear and deterioration. Roof repairs will be limited to set amounts for each plan (i.e., one year plan is limited to $1,500, three year plan is limited to $3,500 and Lifetime plan is limited to $5,000). Under no circumstances will the dollar limitation be applied toward replacement.

Items Covered.  Roof Repair caused by impact damage to the roof from hail.  Roof repair work in connection with damage caused by wind, rain, sleet or hail, including but not limited to missing shingles or leaks caused by wind, rain, sleet or hail, may also be covered.  Subsequent maintenance in connection with repair work performed by Company shall be covered. All composition roofs must maintain at least a 4/12 pitch for drainage and runoff per manufacturer specifications.

Roofs Not Covered.  Pre-existing installation defects. Flat roofs, tile roofs, built up roofs, metal roofs, cedar shake roofs, slate roofs, and concrete roofs. Pre-existing roof leaks, leaks from adjoining decks or balconies, skylights, leaks from persons walking or standing on roof, patio enclosures, sunrooms. Aesthetic issues of any kind. Leaks caused by impact damage to the roof other than hail, wind, sleet, rain; leaks caused by abuse, neglect or lack of normal maintenance. Other Items Not Covered; damage resulting from or alterations or additions made to property or grounds and damage to any items as result of fire, flood, smoke, lightning, freeze, earthquake, theft, accidents, war, riots, vandalism, improper installation, acts of God, power failure or surge, pest damage, neglect, misuse, abuse, improper use. Company is not responsible for ANY interior damage from leaking roof (including but not limited to rotting wood, damaged sheetrock, HVAC or electrical).

Roof Inspections.  In the event the covered property requires an evaluation or inspection in connection with potential damage that may require repair, the person responsible for the covered property shall be required to inform Company within a reasonable period that the covered property is in need of evaluation of inspection.  Further, no third party shall be permitted to evaluate or inspect the covered property unless authorized by the company.  Company and its authorized agents shall be the only party(s) permitted to inspect the covered property for possible damage, which may require repair.  At Homeowner’s election, Homeowner may contact their homeowner’s insurance and seek evaluation from an insurance adjuster, including a licensed third party adjuster authorized on behalf of the homeowner’s insurance. The person responsible for the covered property may be, but is not limited to the property owner, the temporary property owner such as a tenant, the property lessee or any other person(s) responsible for proper care and maintenance of the covered property.  If said person responsible does not properly inform the Company within a reasonable period of time of possible damage or permit an adjuster to inspect the covered property, Company retains the right whether or not to repair said damage to the covered property or to void obligations to repair current and subsequent damages to covered property under this agreement.    


Annual Inspections.  Coverage for the covered property under Company’s roof warranty agreement shall require one schedule annual inspection to be performed by Company or its agents.

The Responsible Party shall be required to schedule directly with Company and the roof inspections to be performed solely by Company.  The Responsible Party may be but is not limited to the owner of the property, the tenant leasing the property, any management entity responsible for maintenance of the covered property, or any person(s) occupying the covered property. Failure to schedule one inspection per year by Company, shall make the coverage under this warranty voidable at the discretion of Company. 


Limitations.  This Warranty applies only to a subscriber’s principal residence. This Warranty covers only matters of which the Company is advised during the term of the applicable Warranty and does not cover conditions which existed prior to the issuance of this Warranty. Company is not responsible for matching color or brand but will replace with like color only if currently available and item is considered beyond repair. Repairs are based on comparable efficiencies and builder’s standard makes and models. Company will not reimburse other vendors for service performed without prior approval. Company will not be liable for consequential damages to property or personal injury resulting from the failure of any component from Company’s delay or failure to provide service due to conditions beyond Company’s control such as, but not limited to, unavailability of materials or labor difficulties. It is the Covered Person’s responsibility to provide access to Premises for repairs at reasonable times, unless emergency response is necessary. Total Roof Protection shall take all necessary precautions to protect landscaping, fences and exterior structures in the repair process. The expense of repair of damage caused to gain access such as, but not limited to, interior access to attic; landscaping or concrete, fences from any repair made under this Warranty shall be the responsibility of the Covered Person.

Limitations on Repairs.  This Warranty shall limit the maximum repair work performed by the Company in connection to the single-family principal residence under this Warranty. The limitation on repair work shall be predefined and based upon the initial roof warranty term length selected by the homeowner, which shall either be one, two or three years in duration. The following list provides the maximum amount the warranty shall cover:

  1. Roof warranty term for one (1) year, the amount shall not exceed $1,500.00 within the duration of the homeowner’s contract term
  2. Roof warranty term for two (2) years, the amount shall not exceed $2,500.00 within the duration of the homeowner’s contract term
  3. Roof warranty term for three (3) years, the amount shall not exceed $3,500.00 within the duration of the homeowner’s contract term
  4. Lifetime roof warranty term, the amount shall not exceed $5,000.00 within the duration of the homeowner’s contract term

The two and three year limitations on costs for repair work shall be cumulative over the duration of the contract term selected by the homeowner.  Therefore, the amount limit shall not reset with each calendar year.

Full Roof Replacements. Upon inspection and evaluation by Company, should the premise require full removal of the existing roof and replacement with a new roof, homeowner shall begin the claims filing process with their homeowners insurance company. Company shall facilitate the process by providing the needed information for the homeowner to file said claim. In the event the Premise does require a full replacement and Homeowner fails to submit an insurance claim within a reasonable period of time, Company maintains the right to deny later services requests from Homeowner, including possibly full void of the warranty agreement.

Estimates.  Any estimates provided by Company in connection to repair work or roof replacement shall be based on standardized processes and procedures within the insurance industry. 

Limits of Liability.  The express warranties and agreements set forth in this Warranty are the only obligations of the Company to the Covered Persons under this Warranty. All other agreements, undertakings and warranties by the company, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are expressly excluded. This Warranty does not create, establish or confirm any obligations of Company to any person not designated as a Covered Person hereby. The maximum liability of the Company under this Warranty shall be based on the contract duration selected by the homeowner.  If the homeowner selects a one (1) year plan, the limitation on liability shall be limited to $1,500.00 per occurrence for the homeowner’s contract for roof repair; if the homeowner selects a two (2) year plan, the limitation on liability shall be limited to $2,500.00 per occurrence for the homeowner’s contract for roof repair; if the homeowner selects a three (3) year plan, the limitation of liability shall be limited to $3,500.00 per occurrence for the homeowner’s contract for roof repair; and if the homeowner selects a lifetime plan, the limitation of liability shall be limited to $5,000.00 per occurrence for the homeowner’s contract for roof repair. Under no circumstance shall the company be held liable for any damage to the interior of the home; if the homeowner delays on informing the company of such service needed. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to inform Total Roof Protection of a leak to ensure that no damage will occur to the roof structure from deterioration from prolonged water damage.

Homeowners Insurance.  The Covered Property shall have separate homeowners insurance at the time the Covered Property enters under this warranty and shall maintain coverage under said separate homeowners insurance for the duration that the Covered Property maintains coverage under Company’s roof warranty coverage. 

Renewal and Transfer. At Company’s sole discretion and option, this Warranty may be renewed for additional warranty periods upon payment to Total Roof Protection, the purchasers then effective renewal charge will apply for the extended warranty coverage. This Warranty may be assigned during its term to a subsequent purchaser of the Premises (a “Transferee Covered Person”), but after such assignment this Warranty will only cover the roof system which are transferred to the Transferee Covered Person as part of the sale. For an assignment of this Warranty to be effective, the Transferee Covered Person must, within 30 days of the closing of the sale of the Premises, notify the Company in writing of the sale and of the name and address of the Transferee Covered Person. An inspection of Premises is required for Warranty renewal.

Cancellation of Services.  Cancellation of services shall require 60 day written notice to Company requesting cancellation of services. If the Premise receives services for repair, the party responsible for the Premise shall pay for the term in full that was initially selected, which may be one, two or three year in duration. 

Dispute Resolution.  This is not a contract of insurance. Disputes relating to this warranty may be handled through arbitration. Should the Company fail to pay a valid claim or fail to return unearned consideration in the event of cancellation within sixty (60) days after the proof of loss has been filed; the claiming party may make such claim through an arbitration claim. Forms for such claim will be provided on request.